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Asbestos Tapes

Our team of well-trained asbestos specialists collect, package, transport, stabilize and safely dispose of a range of asbestos wastes at certified landfill sites

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Chemical Waste

Collection, processing, recycle and disposal of a range of chemical wastes including:

  • Acids
  • Alkalis
  • Waste chemical reagents
  • Molecular sieves
  • Chemical contaminated wastewater
  • Spent catalysts
  • Bleaching clay
  • Laboratory chemicals
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Petroleum Wastes

Collection and processing of the following petroleum wastes for conversion to fuels and recyclable end products, for use in furnaces and kilns, and for sale in the local market.

  • Slop oils
  • Tank cleaning sludge
  • Waste fuel oil
  • Hydrocarbon effluents
  • Used grease
  • Mixed oily sludges
  • Oil contaminated wastewater
  • Glycols and a range of petrochemical wastes
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Plant Performance Enhancement Services

We are a noteworthy name instrumental in providing plant performance enhancement services in and around Saudi Arabia. Ours is a team of professionals entrusted to monitor and control plant’s operations for increasing assets’ life, throughout capacity, efficiency, health and reducing operating cost. For this, we make use of technologically advanced tools and machinery. With our services, we first analyze clients’ business requirements, understand their preferences and then recommend a method that suits the best to achieve their organizational goals.

  • Increase Throughput Capacity
  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Health and Safety
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Renewable Fuels Recovery & Refining

Renewable Fuels Recovery & Refining GEMS has developed advanced methodologies for recovering oils and hydrocarbons from oily sludges, producing recyclable renewable fuels that can be reused in industrial applications.

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Used Batteries

We follow strict quality strategy, guidelines and thus, to sustain good quality standards, we carry out a stern examination of the raw inputs used at the initial stages. Buyers can trust us to make delivery of consignments since; we have collaborated with reckoned transportation service providers. We are offering low mercury alkaline and carbon-zinc used batteries having less hazardous features.

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Industrial Cleaning Services

Services rendered under cleaning
  • Condenser Tube Cleaning
  • Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning
  • Service or circulation pipe cleaning
  • Comprehensive boiler cleaning
  • Tank, pond & channel Cleaning
  • Sewerage & other pipe cleaning


Surface cleaning methods
  • High pressure water-jetting
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Water & detergent circulation in closed circuit
  • Grid & sand blasting
  • Dry Ice & hydro-peroxide cleaning
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Bioremediation Services

Based in Saudi Arabia, we are actively involved in rendering bio remediation services in the country. With this, we conduct remediation of soil and other media contaminated with petrochemicals, pesticides, explosives or hazardous organic materials. A team of talented professionals make use of innovative techniques for delivering the best in class solutions. We also provide solutions for In-sit and Ex-sit treatment, injection, drilling, bio piling, spill clean up and spill containment. Clients can reach us anytime for further discussion.

  • In-situ and Ex-situ Treatment
  • Injection Drilling
  • Biopiling
  • Spill Clean Up
  • Spill Containment
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Transport Rental Services

Gems Provide Adr Complaint Transportation for Hazardous Materials as Such- Flammable Liquids, Flammable Solid, Oxidizers, Toxic & Infectious Substances, Corrosive Substances and Miscellaneous Dangers Goods. List of Equipment Rentals Vacuum Trucks & Trailers Skip Loaders Hook Trucks Fly Ash Trucks ISO Containers Tractor Heads Tanker Trailers Dump Trailers Flatbed Trailers Forklifts.

List of Equipment Rentals

  • Vacuum Trucks & Trailers
  • Skip Loaders
  • Hook Trucks
  • Fly Ash Trucks
  • Iso Containers
  • Tractor Heads
  • Tanker Trailers
  • Dump Trailers
  •  Flatbed Trailers
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Lube Oil

Collection, recovery and re-refining of waste lube oil for conversion to valuable end products, such as Base Oil, which are sold in the local and international market.

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Chemical Drums

These chemical drums are made of polyethylene terephthalate due to its excellent heat, water, and chemical resistance and a long service life. Conforming to international quality management systems, our product range is of unparalleled value. Only after getting approval from the quality experts, we make use of the inputs sourced from the vendors. We make sure that our entire range is of excellent quality and faultless.

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Online Leak Sealing Services

Leak sealing is the process of sealing pressurized leaks while under continous pressure to avoid costly shutdowns or unscheduled maintenance downtime. Due to this Technology industries now enjoy greater plant uptime maximization, environmental impact minimization and risk reduction.






  • Valve Gland Packing : This is the most common application for under leak sealing services for many reasons. Valve Gland Packing can be repacked on-line very quickly and economically without shutdown or having to isolate the valve itself. The sealant used to seal these leaks is very similar to the original packing material supplied from the valve manufacturer and will not harden or ruin the valve. Some common application for these valve gland packing repairs are steam, superheated steam, water, condensate, chemical, vacuum, air, or almost any process.



  • Elbow Leaks : Wellube design and Elbow Box Clamps, to suit the pipe configurations. The sealing method can be either an injectable groove or the Wellube developed combination seal.



  • Flange Leaks : There are many different ways of achieving a seal on flange depending on the gap between flanges and also temperature and pressure. For flange gaps below 6mm a Wire insert technique is normally performed. This process is excellent for low pressure leaks. Since almost all flanges are built to standard sizes, a two-piece flange clamps can be installed and then injected to arrest the leak. Standard size flange clamps for sizes ½” thru 24” class 150#, 300# and 600# rated flanges are normally stocked for a quick turnaround response time to meet client emergency . Clamps for other sizes can normally be designed and manufactured in less than 24hrs. The same techniques can be used for Heat Exchanger joints, Turbine joints, etc.



  • Weld Leaks / Pin Holes : Straight-line Box Clamps are used regularly to repair these leaks. Manufactured to the required pipe sizes, these are installed and injected very quickly to eliminate your leak problems.


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Fly Ash

Collection of Fly Ash and waste carbons from utilities and petroleum plants, for processing and export to international markets.

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Industrial Maintenance Services

Services rendered under Maintenance

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Effluent Treatment Plant Services

GEMS deploys state-of-the art biological and chemical treatment processes to purify contaminated wastewater to recycle standards for grey water applications, this conserving one of our most precious resources -water. This contributes positively towards sustainability of our communities, industries and the environment.

  • Refinery Effluents
  • Shipping Ports
  • Crude Oil Tank Washing Water
  • Tanker Ballast Cleaning Water
  • Chemical by-products
  • Slops
  • Hydrocarbon Sludge
  • Oil Spills
  • Oily Lagoons
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Food Processing Effluents
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